Why Likecoin Is Important

We tend to take banking services for granted. We can buy pretty much anything from pretty much anywhere with a credit card. If we set up a little business, it’s relatively easy to accept cashless payments.

Banking For The Unbanked

For most of the world, there is no payment card, no bank and basically, no way to buy and sell except in cash, locally. A whole world is being denied access, deliberately. We are setting up clickforafrica.org as a simple way for people to support the efforts of disadvantaged people to improve their lives, directly in a peer-to-peer system. Users don’t even need to put in any of their own money.

People from the village starting their permaculture plots.

A Perfect Match

An important part of our system is that recipients have a blog to report on their progress to the other users. Likecoin is an amazing addition to our system. With it, visitors to the site will be able to show support for the bloggers directly, by clicking the like buttons on posts that they like. Each recipient will have a like.coin account as well, so we’ll all be able to transfer coins directly from our balances.

Working on peer-to-peer things can be quite daunting, It’s great to be able to collaborate with minds who want the same kind of world. 

“Being a visionary is not the same thing as being popular. Odds are, if you’re a visionary, most of your years have been a struggle to get others to see what is so apparent to you. This requires arguing people out of long-held beliefs, absorbing countless verbal assaults and clinging to your judgment while friends wonder when you’ll start explaining your position to your dog. Yet with every passing day, you grow more certain that you’re right.”

-Joshua Cooper Ramo Time magazine 9/22/97

I can see a future where everything will work like this. It’s taken a long time, but now ClickForAfrica has a system where users can collect free coins from the faucets and PTC sites (or cheat and pay in some currency!), and then send funds directly to the recipients, with no fees. Likecoin will complement this perfectly.

Most people now have internet access, but they cannot benefit from the likes of YouTube or other monetization because they can’t collect any revenue earned on those platforms. Crypto is the way, no need for banks and their excessive charges and Kafkaesque systems. 

Third World Implications of Bitcoin

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